For all those of you who have been chain smokers and are trying hard and fast to kick the habit, the following can be of immense utility as you read on. Getting rid of a habit like smoking requires a lot of motivation and discipline on your part. You can with perseverance and commitment kick smoking successfully. The first thing that you should do is mentally prepare yourself that you are ready to give up. For the first few days you may find it difficult to balance yourself when you stop. You may have the urge to just go in for one puff but remain adamant. With the passage of time you will get back your natural balance. In case, you can cravings take deep breaths to empower yourself to get over the cravings.

There are some people who had taken up smoking to give themselves little breaks while they work. You can take the usual breaks by doing something different. You can take a cup a tea, drink a glass of water or take a walk round the block. When you stop smoking you will find that your body undergoes a change so it recommended that you drink a glass of natural juice that to you the necessary vitamins and make you feel energetic instantly. When you quit smoking the blood sugar levels fall and your digestion tends to slow down. The body gradually tends to get rid of the tar and the other impurities that your body has accumulated when you were smoking. Natural fruit juice contains Vitamin C and fructose that work wonders to restore blood sugar levels in the body. The high levels of fiber and water keep your digestion going and you should inculcate fruits in your daily diet for at least a fortnight after you have happy-puff smoking.

There are some people who took to smoking to give themselves that high and happy moment. You too may have one of those who wanted to give yourself that “good feel” too. The moment you stop smoking you may lose out on those happy moments and feel like getting one smoke to get that feel for once. Instead of getting hold of a cigarette start imaging the happy moments in your life that gave you joy and ecstasy immensely. Overcome your body with the remembrance of those memories and start getting the wholesome feeling of happiness.

Social support also helps you to stop smoking successfully. You can talk to your friends and family about it. They in turn will help you to support you and you can also congratulate yourself in taking this major step in your life. You can also begin an exercise program that will help you stop smoking effectively. Exercise helps you to relieve stress and helps you recover from the years of stress. You can also go in deep breathing exercises as they help you refresh your mind. This in turn motivates you in your endeavor to quit smoking faster. With the above easy and practical tips it is not difficult to kick the habit now so why wait start today and live healthy!