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It’s time to make a cup of hot chocolate and put on some Christmas music because it’s time to start decorating for the holidays. Make your living room the focal point of your holiday decor to spread a little extra holiday cheer. After all, it’ll be there where you’ll be viewing holiday movies over and over again. Here are some living room holiday decorating tips for inspiration as you begin to deck the halls. Decorations that would bring back memories of former holidays to new, modern pieces that include a festive yet fashionable theme.

Select the Suitable Tree Size

The Christmas tree is the focal point of your holiday decor, so choosing the correct size for your living room is critical. If you select a tree that is too large for your location, it will dominate it. On the other hand, you won’t be able to exhibit all of your ornaments if it’s too little. To ensure you get the right size tree, measure your ceiling height and subtract six inches, whether you opt for a fresh-cut or an artificial one.

These six inches will be used for your tree topper as well as the tree stand’s extra height. For example, your maximum tree height should be seven and a half feet if your ceiling height is eight feet. The same can be said about the amount of floor space that your tree will take up. To ensure the appropriate sized fir or spruce, measure the distance and subtract one foot. Take these measurements with you while choosing your tree.

Organize Your Shelves and Coffee Table

When it comes to decorating, start with a blank canvas. The everyday decor on your built-ins, hanging shelves, and even your coffee table should be packed and put away. You now have enough room to display your Christmas collections and decorations. Give a prominent place in your living room to your vintage collection of festive trinkets, miniature Christmas trees, or nutcrackers.

Without seeming cluttered, your collections will offer texture, color, and lots of festive pleasure to your area. Fill up any blank or vacant places with branches of greenery and solid-colored ornaments to tie the whole appearance together.

A Very Contemporary Holiday

If you like a more modern look, go all out with a huge tree draped in white lights. You can also add plenty of greenery throughout the space and a neutral color palette to keep your style while adding some seasonal flair. Display gifts wrapped in brown paper and fastened with string, keeping the clean lines in mind. Your holiday gifts are now serving as both decorations and gifts for friends and family.

Do You Wish for a White Christmas?

Monochrome is a dramatic and beautiful way to decorate your living room for the holidays. It’s also simple to achieve this style because all you need to add to your living room are white, cream, or off-white furniture. To give your monochromatic space a warm glow, use a variety of sized ornaments and plenty of white lights. You can also place a chunky throw pillow and blankets on your traditional two-seater sofa.

Let Your Color Palette Inspire You

To look festive, you don’t have to use the conventional Christmas hues of red and green. Instead, let your living room’s color scheme guide your Christmas decorating. For example, choose ornaments that match the color of your throw pillows. You can also use velvet ribbon in the same color as your living room to decorate your tree, wreaths, and mantle display. Have fun constructing a flowing festive scenario that ties in with your existing living room decor.

Bring in Some Natural Elements

Your tree isn’t the sole source of green in your living room. Arrange pine cones, holly sprigs, and berries in vases and bowls. Spreading greenery about your living area will make it seem warm and inviting, as well as smell wonderful. To tie the look together, use wood, antlers, and rustic accessories. For a low-cost DIY, wrap candles in pine branches and tie them on with twine. Using nature to decorate your holiday living room might help you get the rustic or minimalist look you desire.

Decorate Your Windows

Don’t forget to decorate your windows for the holidays. Hang wreaths in each window to provide a festive touch. Your wreaths will be precisely aligned and easy to remove once the holidays are over with the help of adhesive hooks and a few measures. Inside and out, the symmetry of the identical wreaths will produce a sleek and edited image.

Combine Metallics

The combination of silver and gold is stunning, and it can give your living area a glossy holiday makeover. You can create a wintery wonderland by combining metallics with glass and crystals. To hold metallic ornaments and highlight your dazzling aesthetic, use stemware and glasses from other house parts.

Plaid Is in Style This Time of Year

Now is the time to dress up your living area with tartan pillows, blankets, and ornaments. Plaid can be found in various colors and patterns, from red and black to buffalo check. Use accent pieces that aren’t holiday-themed but incorporate pops of red, green, and black. Drape plaid ribbon across your mantel and mix and match plaid ornaments to create a quirky Christmas display.

Plaid is so versatile that you could keep a lot of it on show all winter. Imagine the wonderful family photos you’ll be able to snap in your plaid room if you have plaid holiday pajamas.