Electronic learning content is a term used to characterize media based learning content to appreciate learning for key stage 1 to key stage 4. ICT Solutions gives E-learning content dependent on the general media tangible learning methods including sounds, pictures and movements. Online substance establishes a tangible learning climate which is inspiring and instructive. Electronic substance learning has surprised the world. This is because of E-learning substance which gets all understudies and educators across the world by most recent improvement in the homeroom innovation. This training content gives extensive review material to Primary and Secondary Subjects covering Key Stage 1 and 2 and Key stage 3 and 4 separately. Animes Online Units, for example, English, Science and Maths through to Citizenship are totally covered. Online instructive substance contains many inquiries and replies, alongside photos or activitys for each slide, each grew explicitly by instructors, educational program scholars, picture takers and artists to cover units across the educational program.

Online instructive substance furnishes you learning climate in mixture with current showing helps like intelligent whiteboards, crowd reaction frameworks, visualisers, projectors and other ICT arrangements. Instructors can comment on E-learning content with the assistance of computerized pen on intelligent whiteboard. These computerized comments are saved in instructors PC can be divided between understudies. There is no compelling reason to convey note pad and pen. Online instructive substance speeds up the learning system through developmental and summative evaluation with crowd reaction frameworks ClassComm or Cens-Us. ClassComm or Cens-Us incorporates Genee PADs or iQ-PADs for educators and understudies with reaction programming. The educator poses inquiries utilizing Online instructive substance in different arrangements like text, numeric, various decisions, yes or no, valid or bogus and so on The product gathers information about reactions which the instructor can use for appraisal.