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January 28, 2022

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A Brief Introduction to Captive Insurance

Over the past 20 years OF Crematieverzekering many small businesses have begun to insure their own risks through a product called “Captive Insurance.” Small captives (also referred to as single-parent captives) are insurance companies established by the owners of closely held businesses looking to insure risks that are either too costly or too difficult to insure through the normal insurance marketplace. Brad Barros, an expert within the field of captive insurance, explains how “all captives are treated as corporations and must be managed during a method according to rules established with both the IRS and therefore the appropriate insurance regulator.” According to Barros, often single parent captives are owned by a trust, partnership or other structure established by the premium payer or his family. When properly designed and administered, a business can make tax-deductible premium payments to their related-party insurance firm . counting on circumstances, underwriting profits, if any, are often paid bent the owners as dividends, and profits from liquidation of the corporate could also be taxed at capital gains. Premium payers and their captives may garner tax benefits only the captive operates as a true insurance firm . Alternatively, advisers and business owners who use captives as estate […] read more
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What Is An Annuity? Types of Annuities Explained

In the UK, a large number of people are still not aware of what annuity is and how it works and these are the people who are missing out a lot on the best annuity rates. The result is therefore a loss of essential potential retirement income. Reports have revealed that around 150,000 people miss out on higher annuity incomes every year. But, what is an annuity and how can it help people financially post retirement? Let us find out. An annuity is a contract that is made between an insurance company and an individual. Under this contract the individual will be provided a regular income in exchange of investments made over a period of time or payment of a lump-sum amount. Annuity is the best option for a person who is looking to invest their money to make their retirement secure and safe. There are many different types of annuity products available on the market today. Let us check out some of the major types of annuities and how they can help safeguard your future. What is an annuity? Most of the insurance companies which provide annuity define it as an investment that guarantees payments of specific amount made […] read more
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