Dusseldorf’s Classic Remise shifts car tourism into a better gear.

Have you ever experienced a classic cargasm? you recognize , a cargasm.

That’s when you’re during a place where there are numerous outstanding vintage cars that your heart races madly, you go weak within the knees, and upon seeing the car of your dreams, you create that face that’s typically reserved for more private encounters.

Well, I just experienced one, and though i do not smoke, i feel i want a cigarette.

Experience a ‘cargasm’ at Classic Remise in Dusseldorf

It happened on a recent trip to Dusseldorf, Germany. I had been researching unique vacation ideas, once I found a posting that identified Classic Remise as a “must see” attraction. Not only that, it carried an entrance fee that caught my eye – FREE!

What? Vintage cars? Free? Yes, please!

To say that i used to be skeptical was an irony , and it didn’t help matters that finding this place required a few of train/tram transfers and a GPS-guided hike through an area . But I even have to mention , it had been well worth the effort. I mean mention auto erotica!

Wienermobile or Bratmobile?

Upon arrival, the primary vehicle I witnessed ahead was a whimsical, not-to-distant German cousin of the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. With an enormous bratwurst atop a delivery truck , it must’ve been the first Bratmobile. thereupon vehicle as an appetizer, I suspected i used to be certain a five-course, four-wheel treat, and that i wasn’t wrong.

Now to enter, you want to undergo a stunning biergarten and enter the foyer, where a VW microbus awaits, but that’s just a tease for what lies ahead. consider it as 4-on-the-floor play.

Located during a historic roundhouse for locomotives, Classic Remise is a component vintage car showroom, part service center, part auto storage, part exhibition area , part restaurant, part retail clothing shop, and part conference house – to not mention the biergarten – with a Ducati motorcycle showroom/repair shop thrown certain good measure.

Literally many classic cars might be found in showrooms, stored on lifts, displayed within the open and tucked away behind glass on two levels.

Vintage car smorgasbord

The usual suspects were beat the lineup: Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, MG, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce then on. But there have been also American surprises, like Cadillacs, Corvettes, and Cobras. Oh, my!

You can wander through the showroom among these spectacular vehicles, but understand that it is a “look but don’t touch” arrangement. However, there are price tags on the cars within the showroom, so if your pockets are deep enough, you’ll not only touch, but you’ll even drive one among these bad boys home do you have to so desire.

And while my wife threatened me with the stink eye of death should I even plan to summon a sales representative, I did notice some rather attractive pricing.

Squeals on wheels

Now i discussed that the self-guided tour is free, but if you’re seeking a more extensive, in-depth, behind-the-scenes guided tour, the worth is steep. Cost is 95 euros (almost $130 US) for an escorted 45-minute tour that has a history of Classic Remise Dusseldorf, the building, an summary of the facility’s dealers, shops and services, plus a glimpse inside the workshops where the vintage vehicles are being serviced and repaired.

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