I observe it locally nearly every week. When I travel, the problem is seen across the country. MLM distributors running ineffective marketing and spending hard-earned money to fund it.

Here’s an example taken from the local newspaper. A distributor for an established cosmetics firm had a huge three” x 4″ space ad , inviting people to visit her house to an open home.

What’s she thinking? What number of potential customers do you think are likely to go to a stranger’s house to be enticed to buy makeup? WAKE UP! Even if she were to invite guests to an office located on Main Street, outcome will still be a huge goose egg!

I have seen this kind of sloppy advertising everywhere in the media! The woman probably spent $100.00 on the ad . I can assure you that no one who saw the advertisement should walk go to her house.

So what could she had done?

Write a paper, like the 7 dangerous sins that women commit when applying their makeup which makes them appear dull and unattractive.

After she’s written her free report, she will get a bigger bing for the book by running classified advertisements that read like:

FREE REPORT: The seven dangerous mistakes women commit while applying their makeup that make them look dull and ugly. Go to  Gazeteler  right now

The website should function as a lead capture site, created for one REASON that is to gather data from those who have requested the free report. You ask them to provide their name address, address, email address as well as their phone number. You offer them the report.

Based on the distribution of the paper , this kind of classified advertisement could result in hundreds of registrations on websites.

Now you have a list that has shown an interest in MAKE-UP tips that you can promote via email or invite them personally to an open house.

The same amount of money she spent in the 3-inch” x 4″ space ad, she might have produced 6-8 classified advertisements.

Display ads that are not effective is only one of the many errors I witness network marketing distributors make every single day.

In my time I’ve been employed in three Corporate offices for network marketing firms. In all three organizations, I worked closely with the management of the department of compliance.

They are the ones responsible to approve all corporate ads. I’d say the majority of advertisements that comply with corporate standards are a marketing perspective.

I used to call individuals and advise them to should not waste money and help them with efficient, well-tested marketing campaigns.

Over the years , I’ve personally recruited over 100 brand new members making the right ads in the right magazines.

If you’re not using newspaper advertisements to attract new members, you’re missing an effective method to find prospective team members. If you’re running advertisements but are getting no or little result , make sure you have an upline who knows how they’re doing in the field of newspaper ads and copy the same strategy.

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